Thursday, 4 October 2007

CONCORD Working Groups newsletter

The latest CONCORD Working Groups newsletter reports on the work of the Working Groups for the first semester of 2007, January to June. Also the work of the TRIALOG and DEEEP projects in this period is covered.

From the content:

CONCORD is moving forward. The Assessment and Adjustment process is drawing to an end, with some implications for CONCORD working structures. On the invitation of the Board of CONCORD, most of the working structures have broadly discussed and reviewed their terms of reference and submitted amended versions to the Board for approval. Some groups have decided to move forward without major changes, other groups prefer to evolve, taking up new challenges. The most notable being the former policy group, now called the “policy forum”, which strives to ensure an overview and coherence within CONCORD advocacy work, and the former Enlargement working group, now called “Enlargement, Pre-Accession and Neighbourhood” working group (EPAN).

A communication network has also been set up. Communication Officers gathered in early June in Brussels for the first Communication Seminar with nine workshops offering training and peer-to-peer exchanges of experience and knowledge. The central theme was how to use new techniques better in order to increase the impact of NGOs when campaigning, advocating, raising funds or dealing with the media.

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Information provided by Pierre Mathieu, CONCORD Assistant

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