Wednesday, 1 August 2007

September 25-26, 2007: Added Value of FDR for new member states

The TRIALOG seminar “Added Value for NMS organizations” in preparation of the next FDR meeting (Funding for Development and Relief) will take place in Brussels from 25th – 26th of September.

All NMS platforms are warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate in the FDR working group meetings which take place regularly in March, June and October. At the last meetings, only one or two NMS platforms were represented. Therefore it was decided to organize this seminar to lower the obstacles for NMS platforms to participate in these FDR meetings.

FDR - Funding for Development and Relief is one of the four CONCORD core working groups to which all CONCORD members are supposed to send one representative.

The September seminar is targeted to representatives of NMS NGOs which are part of their national development NGO-platform. They should be selected by their national NGDO platform and represent their country platform in the FDR-meetings in Brussels. The participants should be motivated and able to bring the news from the FDR working group meetings back to their national platforms.

The seminar will make the work of the FDR group (and of the EC) more accessible and better understandable to FDR-"newcomers" explaining the actual work of FDR. The agenda will focus on the needs of NMS and will highlight the possibilities for NMS to play an active role within the European NGO-scene and to influence European policies.

The deadline for registration (via your platform) has been extended to Wednesday, August 8, 2007.

For further information please contact TRIALOG Capacity Building Officer Petra Kreinecker at:

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