Thursday, 2 August 2007

126 European Global Education multipliers trained by GLEN in 2007

The preparation phase of GLEN 2007 is finished! 126 young Europeans are now leaving in bi- or trinational teams for a three month-stay in Africa, Asia or South-Eastern Europe. They will work together with local organisations in the South on specific development projects.

GLEN, the Global Education Network of Young Europeans, founded in 2004, aims at raising awareness on global interdependencies and development issues. GLEN consists of 12 civic partner organisations from old and new member states of the European Union : Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovak Republic and Slovenia. In 2007, 4 new partners joined the network (Austria, Slovenia, Malta and France).

In 2007, the preparation phase was split into three groups: French speaking Africa, with the preparation in French, English speaking Africa and Asia, with the preparation in English. The preparation of the participants of GLEN was carried out by former participants. Topics such as development politics, intercultural communication, European diversity and global interdependencies were covered. In a participatory way, the participants were encouraged to critically discuss and exchange on these topics. The main goal of the preparation was to let the participants reflect on the experience they will make and on how to make use of it back in Europe.

TRIALOG financed in 2007 the preparation costs and the scholarships of ten GLEN participants from the new member states. After their return to Europe, these young Europeans can act as multipliers on development issues in Europe. They will meet again, make common projects, actions, exhibitions and more, together with the GLEN organisations, and thereby contribute to a better understanding of global issues within Europe.

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Information provided by Laure Heinrich, ASA/GLEN

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