Thursday, 2 August 2007

The Baltic Platform Meeting in June

The first ever Baltic NGDO platform meeting took place on June 4th and 5th in Jurmala, Latvia. Participants from AKU, the Estonian platform legally estabished in late 2006, the Latvian platform LAPAS and the newly established Lithuanian platform exchanged information on issues of importance in each of the Baltic States and agreed on areas in which cooperation is valuable and in which areas cooperation is not necessary. Following a tour de table on national strategies for development cooperation in the three Baltic States and platform evolution, TRIALOG Policy Officer Annika Kool described similarities and differences regarding the NGDO platforms in the three Baltic States that she observed while preparing Baltic country reports for TRIALOG.

The Baltic representatives concluded that there is room for cooperation in activities in countries of national priority such as Georgia and Moldova. They also discussed the differing approaches in addressing development needs in the Global South and the role of the platforms in influencing politicians' opinions on the European development policy. Finally, all meeting members decided to meet with Nordic platforms representatives to discuss cooperation in the East and South and expressed a common concern about the interface between security policy and development policy in their nations. The meeting was supported by the Presidency Fund.

Information provided by Mara Simane, Latvian NGDO platform LAPAS.
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