Thursday, 2 August 2007

Relation between TRIALOG and CONCORD

“Perceptions of TRIALOG’s relationship with CONCORD vary widely” was one of the main messages of the external evaluation of TRIALOG which was finalised in September last year. On the basis of interviews with the project's target group and key partners, the evaluator made a number of recommendations, one of them asking for clarity and transparency regarding the relationship between CONCORD and TRIALOG.

This was the starting point for joint discussions which led to a concrete definition of the cooperation between TRIALOG and CONCORD and their specific roles towards the new EU member states. As a result of this process, the document at the following link was agreed upon:

It gives an answer to all points raised in the evaluation and we hope that it not only clarifies the mutual relationship but further fosters our cooperation.

For a summary of the evaluation results go to:

For further information please contact Christine Bedoya, TRIALOG Director, at

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