Thursday, 2 August 2007

Moldovan and Latvian NGO summer cooperation

It is very difficult for individuals in societies in transition to believe that they can effect change. Building a strong civil society was one of Latvia’s greatest challenges during its transition from a command to a market economy. In June 2007 representatives of 5 Moldovan NGOs visited five active Latvian communities in which the non governmental sector plays a pivotal role. Together with the Latvian counterparts, they detailed a programme for the “Latvian Moldovan NGO Summer Academy” which will take place from 17 – 24th August, 2007, hosted by LAPAS, the Latvian NGDO platform.

15 Moldovan and 15 Latvian NGOs will take part in the August event to discuss such issues as:

  • Work and activities of Community Foundations.
  • Development of local partnership between NGOs and Public Authorities.
  • Community centres as a tool for local development.
  • Work with youth. Initiatives, programs and activities. Youth involvement and increasing of its activity in a community development.
  • NGO associations and coalitions. NGO and civil society representation in the development, implementation and monitoring of legislation.

The Academy experience will give NGOs from both countries the opportunity to explore cooperation on future projects.

Information provided by Mara Simane, Latvian NGDO platform LAPAS
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