Wednesday, 1 August 2007

September 10-12, 2007: CONCORD event for NGDO Platforms

CONCORD is inviting all its affiliates to Brussels to discuss two issues which have been high on the list of priorities of many members:
- Financial sustainability of Platforms / Networks
- Inter-regional Civil Society Dialogue

During the first day of the event, CONCORD members are invited to share their experience, identify pros and cons of the different funding options and develop new approaches on financial aspects of NGO Platforms/Networks. This first day is part of CONCORD’s initiative to strengthen the capacities of its members (in line with the seminars of August 2006 and April 2007).

On the second day and the morning of the third day, CONCORD members will meet with national NGDO platforms from Latin America (gathered in the regional network “Mesa de Articulacion”) to exchange on experiences and to discuss potential common interests.

Participants to this meeting:
Representatives of National NGDO Platforms and Networks (preferably elected/board members) wanting to engage at a strategic and prospective level on questions linked to financial strategy and on the relation of Europe with other regions of the world.

Accommodation will be provided by CONCORD. TRIALOG will reimburse travel costs of the 5 representatives of NMS platforms which are not yet CONCORD members (LT, EE, CY, RO, BG). Participants who want TRIALOG support for their participation in this event (all days or either 1st or 2nd/3rd day) and are nominated by the platform should send their application ( to TRIALOG Capacity Building Officer Petra Kreinecker before August 15. Email to:

For more information on this CONCORD capacity building event please contact: Andreas Vogt, CONCORD Membership and Networking Officer, at:

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