Thursday, 25 September 2014

What does the future hold?

After fourteen years, TRIALOG is entering its final year of the fifth phase of the project. It’s an exciting time. CONCORD is designing the strategy that will take it from 2016 to 2022 and together with DEEEP and CONCORD, TRIALOG partners are discussing what should happen once the current project phase ends.

If you watch this from a distance, it might seem that everything is under control, and running smoothly. It is, but there is one thing missing: you! If you have not skimmed the questionnaire or heard feedback from the CONCORD General Assembly; if you have not discussed your platform’s vision of CONCORD’s role in the future or have central elements you want to highlight related to thematic focus or membership issues; if you feel strongly about your place in the European context in the coming years, then we want to hear from you.

It is not too late and there are a number of ways you can still get your organisation and platform involved in designing our joint future. Submissions are still being accepted by the strategy task force based on the questionnaire that was circulated early in the year, and in addition:
• The EU13 platforms will meet in Prague on 23 October 2014: The day will be divided between the CONCORD strategy and the TRIALOG future plans.
• CONCORD’s second semester event will take place in Brussels on 17/18 November 2014 and will be strongly focused on the strategy.
• All of TRIALOG’s project partners will come together for the Annual Partner and Strategy meeting in Malta on 3/4 December 2014 where the broader issues related to the final year of the project will be discussed, judged in the broader context of the CONCORD strategic plans and the lines being developed for continuing TRIALOG’s wok after October 2015.

If it is not clear to you how you can contribute and ensure CONCORD is the confederation in which you will find your place as a member, your work will be supported and you will be able to link your national level work to, then get in touch. Members of the team will be happy to hear from you.

Information provided by Rebecca Steel-Jasińska

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