Thursday, 25 September 2014

Report on the European Union’s Development and External Assistance Policies

The European Commission launches the 2014 annual report on the European Union’s development and external assistance policies and their implementation in 2013. The report outlines the actions of the European Union in 2013 designed to contribute to poverty eradication and sustainable development worldwide. Apart from looking back at EU’s successes and its contribution to global development in 2013, the report also looks ahead.
Referring to the European Year for Development 2015, the authors of the report state: “This would be an ideal opportunity for the European Union to inform its citizens about the added value of EU development cooperation and to demonstrate the results that the EU has already achieved. It can also highlight the unique ability of the EU to draw on the combined strengths of its Member States, in terms of fighting poverty and championing development, peace and prosperity all across the world and achieving even more in the future.”

The full report is available here.

Source: EU Neighbourhood Info Centre

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