Thursday, 25 September 2014

Organisation of the Month: A.R.T Fusion, Romania

A.R.T. Fusion is a nongovernmental organisation from Romania which was set up in 2005, out of a desire to make a change. Their mission is to create social change by making people in the community take responsibility. They are currently conducting activities which can be divided along two main dimensions: social responsibility and global responsibilities.

Through the global dimension of the organisation, A.R.T Fusion wishes to enhance the level of active participation in global issues among people. They consider that citizens need knowledge and abilities to understand, participate and interact critically with our global society as citizens empowered on a global level.

 From this desire of a world made of responsible global citizens they developed in 2013 “The Global Education School”, a pilot project that aimed to raise the level of global responsibility and global citizenship among the youngsters from Bucharest. They created a team of global education facilitators, which implemented global education workshops, with focus on consumerism and sustainable lifestyle, in high schools from Bucharest. The results of this project were a team of 10 global education facilitators, around 500 youngsters which participated in global education workshops, a curriculum with activities on global education for high schools and a global citizenship self assessment grid. In October 2014 they will start the second edition of “The Global Education School”, this time with a bigger team of global education facilitators and a bigger impact.

They also implement two international projects on global education financially supported by European Commission through its Program “Youth in Action”, action 3.2: “You are part of this world, be part of its future” and “Animate the global change”. Both of them are implemented in partnership with organizations from Africa and Europe. “You are part of this world, be part of its future” aims to create a team of global education multipliers, which will contribute to developing a community of global citizens back in their countries. At the end of this project A.R.T. Fusion will have also developed a curriculum with activities for global education and a movie about global citizenship. “Animate the global change” is a project on street campaigning as a tool of raising awareness on global issues. The participants took part in two training courses on street campaigning and global education and in September - October 2014 they will implement a street campaign on global issues, like consumerism, child labor, sustainable lifestyle, etc., back in their countries.

For more information about A.R.T. Fusion’s projects you can contact them at and and visit their website 

Photo credits: A.R.T Fusion “Animate for Social Change” training course in Brasov, Romania 

Information provided by Adriana Zaharia – FOND, Romania

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