Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lithuanian Kolping Society Shared Experience with Development Education Experts from the Global South

As a representative of Lithuanian Kolping Society and Kolping University of Applied Sciences, Vytautė Eismontaitė, took part in the International Conference “Educational Institutions for Development- down to Earth and Close to the People” organised by HORIZONT3000 in Vienna. Development education experts from partner organisations and universities in the Global South, participants from the development cooperation community in Austria and representatives of CSOs and universities from EU13 discussed the significance and role of educational institutions for the sustainable development of the Southern countries, especially for people in peripheral regions.

Ms Eismontaitė shared good practices as well as successfully implemented projects and methods while spreading and promoting development education and cooperation in Lithuania. During the recent 10 years, Kolping University of Applied Sciences was one of the few higher education institutions in Lithuania, which actively worked with development issues and organised development education projects. Since 2007 Lithuanian Kolping Society was actively involved in preparation of materials, coordination of projects and implementation of development education seminars, summer camps and small scale researches.

Sharing experience and making new contacts with education institutions from the Global South promoted the generation of new ideas how Kolping University of Applied Sciences could contribute and engage more in development education and cooperation issues. One of the possible future cooperations includes knowledge transfer in ecotouri
sm from Kolping University of Applied Science to Ugandan higher education institutions. Such kind of project could contribute to awareness raising how ecotourism could be developed in the area of Central Africa.

For more information on the conference please visit the online platform KnowHow3000.
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Photo credits: Vytautė Eismontaitė at the HORIZONT3000 conference , Lithuanian Kolping Society

Information provided by Vytautė Eismontaitė , Lithuanian Kolping Society

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