Thursday, 25 September 2014

News from the Latvian CSO Platform LAPAS

The Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation – LAPAS, recently organised three events on global interdependencies. One was on the topic of food security and the other two were addressed at youth and focused on their role in local and global development.

Workshop “Food Security – from Global to Local” 
LAPAS organised the training “Food Security – from Global to Local” in Riga from 6-7 August 2014. The participants represented a wide range of staleholders – non-governmental organisations, government institutions, research institutes, food producers and green organisations, all working with food issues and haveing an interest in the topic. The training, which was financed by TRIALOG and the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs the was let by Britta Schweighöfer, former Secretary General of the FIAN International Section Germany ( The first day was spent on clarifying concepts, case work and examples, the seond – in debates about local perspectives. LAPAS will continue to work on food security and organise an informative campaign during the Latvian EU Presidency between January and June 2015.

Youth training “From personal to global – role of youth at global level”
On the way to the Latvian Presidency and European Year for Development 2015, LAPAS in close cooperation with Latvian Youth Council, organised a training for youth activists “From personal to global – role of youth at global level”. The event took place on August 23-24 in Malpils, Latvia. The participants – more than 15 young activists from NGOs, were trained on development issues and also gave their input in preparation of the youth event “Think Global, Act Local”. LAPAS expects that majority of participants will work as activists and volunteers within 2015. The event was financed by TRIALOG project and co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Youth event “Think Global, Act Local”
LAPAS and 10 of its member organisations, on September 21
organised the youth event “Think Global, Act Local”. The event was planned and organised by young people – more than 40 volunteers from LAPAS member organisations. It was an interactive journey through 6 stations around Riga: “Development Moment”, “Safe Meeting”, “Eco Human”, “Volunteerism”, “Presidency” and “Musical Glocalization”. The event was part of Youth Month organised by Riga City Council. LAPAS perceives this event as intriductory event for youth involvement in 2015 as the information on opportunities within Presidency and EYD2015 was explained, avents were promoted and supporters with their contact information gathered.

Photos by LAPAS: Participants of events 

Information provided by Inese Vaivare, LAPAS

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