Friday, 23 May 2014

Slovak NGDOs Adopting Code of Conduct on Ethics and Responsibility

At the General Assembly of the Slovak NGDO Platform on 10th April 2014, its members adopted the Code of Conduct on Ethics and Responsibility. The Code of Conduct has been established after two years of consultations among members on the Istanbul principles for CSO development effectiveness. Previous to its adoption, in 2011, the Slovak NGDO Platform conducted a survey on the perception of the Istanbul Principles by its members. The analysis showed, that Slovak NGDOs participating in the monitoring have achieved most thorough internalization of the following Istanbul Principles: 1 (human rights), 2 (gender equality), 4 (environmental sustainability) and also principle 6 (equitable partnership).

In 2012, building on the application of the Istanbul principles another survey was carried out which focused on ethics and effectiveness. Slovak NDGOs recognized the need to establish a Code of Conduct that they would adhere to. Principles which the NGDOs base their work on will be framed by the currently adopted Codex. The Code contains mechanisms of self-evaluation to reflect the application of the principles. In the context of the Slovak Republic, where resources for NGDOs are still limited and thus institutionalization of effective cooperation is greatly desired, the present Code represents a step forward in Slovak development cooperation. The document in the Slovak language can be found at

 Information provided by Andrea Girmanova, Slovak NGDO Plattform

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