Friday, 23 May 2014

Croatian Platform CROSOL Hosted First Public Event in Zagreb

The newly established Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity (CROSOL) organised its first public event in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA) in Zagreb on 7th of May 2014 . The event was hosted by the board president of CROSOL, Mr. Gordan Bosanac and the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Croatia, Mrs. Vesna Pusić.

Mrs. Pusić explained why it is necessary for the MFEA to cooperate with NGOs and highlighted efficiency, joint resources, combined experiences and knowledge as well as situations where states sometimes cannot act on their own, for example in sensitive areas such as during conflicts. When it comes to solidarity and correction of inequality, Croatia has been at the both sides of table – the country was reciever, and today it provider of development cooperation – expressed Mrs. Pusic. She emphasised that international citizen solidarity is important because it develops good relationships between the states builds bridges between societies and changes the way individuals seesociety. We should ask ourselves what is our guideline: „Greed is good or solidarity is good?“. Solidarity is a two way street, because it helps the ones in need and makes people better.

In 2013, Croatia has doubled the aid, compared to 2012, due to the contribution to EU funds. A core topic of its development programmes is hte improving the life of women and girls, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, Palestina, Yordan, Marocco, Tunis, Afghanistan, Angola, Burma and Mianmar – conluded Mrs. Pusic.

The president of the Board, Gordan Bosanac explained how CROSOL will cooperate with the MFEA but also how the platform will be acting as a watchdog of MFEA policies related to development cooperation. The strenght of this plat
form lies in the number of its members – they give it a variety of programs, projects and ideas that can be even better implemented trough cooperation with the MFEA. He also suggested that there should be more funds directed toward development aid, and less to military aid.

CROSOL has already expressed the interest to become member of the European Confederation for Development and Relief - CONCORD aiming to make Croatia's voice for development heard on the European level and to profit from being part of an experienced network of CSOs. TRIAOG supports CROSOL in various ways, for example in organising capacity building activities for their members.

Contact person: Gordan Bosanac

Information provided by Gordan Bosanac, CROSOL

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