Friday, 23 May 2014

Civil Society Manifest in Slovenia for a Decent Life and a Healthy Environment

Ahead of the European elections, Sloga - Slovenian Platform of development NGOs initiated the establishment of a common Slovenian civil society manifest for a decent life and a healthy environment.

The manifest has been undersigned by several thematical networks and organisations: The Network of Educational NGOs - MINVOS, The Network of NGOs for Sustainable Development - Plan B for Slovenia, The Network for Social Inclusion - Vkljuńć, The National Network of NGOs in the field of public health 25x25, Sloga, Slovenian Foundation for UNICEF and The Slovenian Network of Volunteer Organisations. The manifest together with the commitment has been sent to all Slovenian MEP candidates.
The manifesto calles them up to fight for a Europe that is equal, where clean and healthy environment is a priority and people can live a decent life , where economic regulation enable sustainable development of all, where policies are coherent and don't have negative impact on development efforts and which respects the principle of good governance and accountability. A list of all signed commitments are published on Sloga's website

After the elections, Sloga intends to check the MEPs' actual support of themanifest.

Information provided by Darja S. Krstic, Sloga, 

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