Thursday, 19 July 2012

Seminar on the Code of Conduct

On July 10th, DEEEP organized a European seminar on the use of the Code of Conduct on Messages and Images. 27 communication officers joined the seminar, with the overall aim o learn more on how to implement the Code of Conduct, and ensure and ethical communication!

Danute Dura and Timo Kiesel guided the participants throughout the day, providing them with input for their reflection. As the topic is quite relevant for NGOs, a follow up seminar in the coming months is not to be excluded.
At the end of the day, participants agreed on the need among others, to establish a peer monitoring system. A need for further trainings was also underlined.

Recommendations will be sent to the Board of CONCORD, to make sure NGOs needs are taken into consideration. The final report of the seminar will be uploaded on the DEEEP website soon. An online platform to ease exchanges on the implementation of the Code is also being created!

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Information provided by Chiara Tripepi, DEEEP

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