Thursday, 19 July 2012

Open Knowledge Festival

The OKFestival, a so-called open knowledge festival, is taking place from 17 to 23 September 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.

During one week of participatory sessions, keynote lectures, workshops, hackathons and satellite events, there will also be one stream on development. In this stream the organisers of the festival would like to include an event for NGO representatives in the region working in aid (both advocacy organisations and aid providers).

Topics of the development stream will be:
a) Open Development and Aid Flow (incl. IATI and tracking financial flows to developing countries)
b) Open = accessible? What are the practical issues for citizens in developing countries accessing open information?
c) Technologies for open development: What role do ICTs and open technologies such as FLOSS or open hardware play in open development?

Tickets: Tickets to the event cost 40 EUR per day, if you buy them before the end of this month, and 50 EUR per day afterwards. There are also week-long tickets available.

If you would like to get even more involved than simply being an active participant, feel free to consult your colleagues and contact Claudia Schwegmann (
There is a volunteer scheme for those who want to be part of the organizing team – and volunteers get free tickets.

Information provided by Claudia Schwegmann, Openaid

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