Thursday, 19 July 2012

Civil Society Transformations on the Way to the European Union

How did the accession process influence the relationship of state and non-state actors? What kind of new relationships did the accession process foster (stronger CSOs vs. weaker public administration or vice versa)? How did candidate countries utilize civil society achievements in negotiations with the EU? How did CSOs utilize the accession process to influence public policies?
These are the questions that this regional conference aims to identify, in addition to the key challenges faced by CSOs in the framework of the EU enlargement process and to present the changes that CSOs and other actors in the field went through during that process. The main objective is to articulate the lessons learned in the course of the accession process, especially during the four-year presence of TACSO in the region, and to assist CSOs in the Western Balkans and Turkey to cope with the challenges that are ahead.

CSO representatives, activists, academics, practitioners and artists involved with civil society issues in the Western Balkans and Turkey are invited to submit a summary of their proposed contributions. The official language of the conference is English.

The conference will take place 17 – 19 April, 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia. TACSO will cover the costs of participation (travel and visa expenses, food and accommodation) and offer modest honorarium for the selected contributors.

The participants should submit a summary of their proposed contributions on the following sub-themes:
• Role and capacity of CSOs on the way to the EU
• Networks/Partnerships
• State vs. Civil Society

The deadline is 17 September 2012.

More information on the conference and the agenda.

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