Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Study Visit in Slovenia from Afghan Civil Society

Sloga, Slovenian NGDO platform is hosting a representative from the Afghan NGO Help, Mr. Zabiwollah Monib. Mr. Monib came to Slovenia for two months to learn about the Slovenian civil society organisation and their work. He has also been working with Slovenian media to present a positive picture of Afghanistan which is quite often portrayed as a security challenged country. This visit which is part of the Sloga project "Consortium of Slovenian NGDO for Afghanistan" is supported by Slovenia Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While the first part of the projects aims to provide a vocational trainings for the Afghani returnees from Iran and to ensure their integration into Afghani society, the second part is planned for the study visit for two Afghani nationals.
Following Mr. Monib’s visit, Sloga will host another representative from NGO Help in August and September 2012.

For more information contact dunja.segrt@sloga-platform.org

Information provided by Dunja Segrt, Sloga - Slovenian NGDO platform 

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