Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Re-Create: Baltic NGOs recycle creative ideas

More than 20 people from Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Estonia participated in the partner meeting  of the NordPlus project “Re-Create: Recycling of Creative ideas, Experiences and Cultures with the Climate in Focus” in Tallinn from May 6-12, 2012. There were previous meetings for learners and teachers in all four partners countries during the year.

The meeting in Tallinn aimed to introduce the partners to Estonian non-governmental organizations, especially to Eesti People to People NGO and to learn methods in development and global education. The first session was on sharing experience between the partners on the joint NordPlus project and about non-formal and adult education in Estonia. The week-long program consisted of different study visits, for example to the Rottermani quarter of Tallin where the participants learned about re-building - from old to new and Old Town’s handicrafts techniques. Another day was dedicated to the biggest Scandinavian sorting centre of Humana People to People where all participants could design their own second-hand T-shirts. The day war rounded up by visits to Humana second hand shops. Further there were visits to the Ukraine cultural center, the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design and a workshop on painting with recycled material. Finally the participants worked on the evaluation of the project and started to think of a new project with focus on art and climate change.

The project partners are: Eesti People to People (Estonia), Svefi (Sweden), Jyväskylä school (Finland) and Ideja (Latvia)

Information provided by Ruta Pels, Eesti People to People ruta.pels@mail.ru  

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