Friday, 30 November 2007

New EC Eurobarometer on how EU New Member States see development

"Most citizens in new member states see European aid in good light even if they don't understand it very well." During the International Poverty Eradication Day on 17 October 2007, the European Commission published results from a new Eurobarometer survey on how the new EU member states saw development aid.

This survey of 11,000 citizens, from the 12 countries that joined the EU since 2004, appear to establish a positive link between accession and assistance to developing countries. Most of them see the EU as the biggest fund donor (which it actually is, and provides more than 55% of public development aid worldwide). They consider that poverty eradication is the main development aim and that the EU, compared to member states, is the best channel for providing aid. Despite these perceptions, EU12 citizens do not know European development policy very well (more than two thirds affirm that they have not seen or heard any information or campaigns about it). The Millennium Development Objectives are not familiar to them either. A series of parliamentary debates on MDGs took place between 15-22 October in the EU12 (see seperate article in this TIS).

For the full report, please turn to:

Information provided by DEEEP, Development Education Exchange in Europe Project

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