Friday, 30 November 2007

GLEN call for tutors 2008 is open

GLEN is looking for tutors for the following GLEN 2008 preparation teams:

- English speaking Africa (40 participants) - 5-6 tutors,
- French speaking Africa (55 participants) - 7-8 tutors,
- English speaking Asia & Europe (35 participants) - 4-5 tutors.

The seminar groups will work in plenary sessions as well as in tutorials. The tutorials are small groups of 6 to 16 participants each, who will be working in the same host countries. The tutors‘ main task is to facilitate the tutorials and accompagny the participants in their preparation and during their stays.

Please submit your application for English speaking Africa and Asia & Europe preparation group to Darina Manurova ( and for French speaking Africa preparation group to Laure Heinrich ( until 10 January 2008. Find more information on the GLEN call for tutors 2008 in the following document:

Information provided by Laure Heinrich, on behalf of the GLEN Steering Committee

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