Friday, 30 November 2007

Bulgaria: National Debate on MDGs

Several representatives of the Bulgarian national NGDO platform participated in the National Debate on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which took place in the Bulgarian National Assembly on 16 October 2007 under the auspices of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs. The event was organized by The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria within a joint project of the European Commission and UNDP implemented at national level with the participation of NGOs. The debate was one of the 12 national debates held in each of the new EU Member States around the International Poverty Eradication Day to raise public awareness on development issues and the role of the new donors in the global efforts for achieving the MDGs.

In the Bulgarian context, the MDG debate was perceived as the remarkable first event at highest official level to promote and encourage the political action for implementation of the EU development policy. Participants in the discussion were decision-makers, including ministers and members of the Bulgarian and EU parliaments, representatives of the international community, journalists, and NGOs.

During the debate it was discussed that the membership in the EU implies also responsibilities, such as participation in the common development policy. In 2006 Bulgaria invested 2 million Euro in the official development assistance. Mr. Lyubomir Kyuchukov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, stressed the Government’s commitment to achieve an ODA share of 0,17 % of the GDP by 2010 and 0,33 % by 2015. The participants noted also the role of NGOs in development assistance. Yvonne Kojuharova presented the national NGDO platform, marking the main points of its development, current status and upcoming activities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared the Government’s willingness to provide financial support to development projects of NGOs.

The lack of publicity, public awareness and proper information dissemination in Bulgaria regarding the MDGs was another main topic of the debate. Thus, some main ideas about the future communication strategy on the MDGs were brought forward and discussed.
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On the picture: Mr. Solomon Passy, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Bulgarian Parliament, opens the debate. Next to him is Mrs. Lene Jespersen, Acting UNDP Resident Representative in Bulgaria.

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Information provided by Valery Pandzharov, ECIP Foundation, Bulgaria

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