Friday, 30 November 2007

In memoriam Yvonne Kojuharova

We are sad to inform that Yvonne Kojuharova, one of the two coordinators of the Bulgarian NGDO platform and chair of the Board of the CEGA Foundation, unexpectedly passed away on November 28, 2007. Not only the platform is shocked by this news, but also the international colleagues who have enjoyed working with Yvonne. We can only affirm the words of her team from CEGA who wrote: "We shall ever keep in our hearts and souls the memory of her smile, devoted work, optimism and will to live. May her memory live for ever. Last farewell, Yvonne!"

TRIALOG sends deepest condolences to her family, friends and colleagues from CEGA and the Bulgarian NGDO platform. Yvonne will be remembered by all of us.

Just recently, Yvonne, together with Ognyan Drumev, wrote an article for the TRIALOG Bulletin which once again showed her active engagement for the Bulgarian platform:

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