Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Citizens from developing countries expressed themselves via a photo exhibition

The European Union is the biggest economic actor and aid donor in the world. But how do people living in these countries really view the influence of Europe? To find out, the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development, CONCORD, has asked people from developing countries to send photos and comments illustrating how Europe positively or negatively influences their lives and their country. The result is a photo exhibition that will tour Europe to raise awareness of the public and all stake-holders. It is at the disposal for organisations from civil society.

The main themes that emerged where the problem of migrating, the impact of trade policies as the influence of Western culture on the habits and dreams of the population but also the importance of being supported to get organised and voice their concerns. More traditionally, the importance of aid in education, health, access to drinking water and to food came up strongly.

Called "Emerging views on Europe", this exhibition has been recently presented at the European Parliament and in the Development Days organised in Lisbon (November 7-9). In 2008 and 2009, it will keep travelling Europe. A tool-kit is proposing ideas to use this exhibition as a tool to complement your activities or build one around the venue of the exhibition. They range from traditional school visits to a TV-set or a treasure hunt.

With this exhibition, CONCORD hopes to aware the public but also the decision-makers of your country about the impact of the European and national decisions on developing countries. As Kenyans say: "The problem of North/South relations is not that the South does not keep its word, it is that the North has no ears."

This photo exhibition is yours! If you are interested to have this exhibition free of charge, contact Agnès Philippart from CONCORD at: or visit the CONCORD website

Information provided by Agnès Philippart, CONCORD

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