Thursday, 22 January 2015

Towards a World Citizens’ Movement: Short conference report and video is out

DEEEP project has published a short report and a video mapping the process of building a world citizens movement that took place in second Global Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. Both the report and the video capture the main objectives and outcomes of this unique meeting that connected various civil society actors and activists from across the world.

The conference “Towards a world citizens’ movement: learning from the grassroots” was focused on supporting the emergence of a world citizens’ movement and provided a space for mutual learning. More than 200 activists and civil society actors me
t in Johannesburg in order to learn from each other’s experience, to strengthen cooperation and exchange ideas and practices among grassroots-level organisations. The ideas of how to bring a social change have been discussed and the action proposals for the future have been set up. The first General Assembly of Action/2015, an umbrella campaign aiming to connect the Civil Society sector around the year 2015 and take joint actions, took place there, too.

Information provided by DEEEP

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