Thursday, 22 January 2015

Report on Donors Strategies and Practices paints a Bleak Picture on how Civil Society is supported in Balkan Countries

The first in-depth report “Donor Strategies and Practices for Supporting Civil Society in the Western Balkans” developed by BCSDN and Queen Mary University of London research and academic team uncovers basic elements and principles on which support to civil society by foreign donors rests and which need to be challenged to strengthen the potential and role civil society has in current Balkan societies.

The report also presents a set of conclusions and offers a series of recommendations in light of the broader political context in the region, including the need to challenge dominance of instrumentalised approach to civil society support, inclusion of civil society actors in planning and designing aid modalities, and tackling transparency and accountability of state funding for civil society as an important and long term source of support.

The full report is available for download at this link.

Source: Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN)

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