Friday, 19 July 2013

Workshop on Organisational Development in Malta

Within the capacity building activities of the TRIALOG V project, SKOP - the Maltese NGDO platform had organised a three section workshop on Organisational Development on 2nd, 4th and 9th July. Different representatives from 9 local NGOs participated to the event. The workshop took the form of a professional discussion to build on the experience and knowledge of NGDO leaders and managers.

This workshop aimed to provide NGDO representatives with key aspects on:
(-) Organisational Strategy
During this section the participants discussed how NGDOs need to evolve over time to meet their objectives. The NGDO’s mission, vision and objectives and the development of policies and plans, has been discussed and clarified to understand better how these actually achieve the organisations’ objectives.
(-) Operational Planning
This section has shown the various aspects of annual planning including projects, on-going services, budgets, planning of in service training for the staff and or volunteers, resources and funding. Moreover the importance and sharing of examples of how to set a timeline for completion of projects and programmes and how to prepare cost projections for implementation has been discussed.
(-) Financial Sustainability
Various forms of funding including EU funds and fund raising events were explored and discussed during this last section of the workshop. The set up of a social enterprise has been explored as a key solution, which rather than maximising profit for shareholders or owners, profits are reinvested into the NGDOs projects and operations or back into the business. How a social enterprise can contribute to the sustainability of NGDO’s work is also been discussed together with some practical examples.

In the photo: William Grech, SKOP Malta

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Information provided by Paola Prinzis, SKOP Malta

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