Friday, 19 July 2013

Development Education Project in Cyprus

The NGO Support Centre, member of the Cypriot NGDO Platform CYINDEP, in collaboration with Pontis Foundation from Slovakia and Kimmage Development Studies Centre from Ireland, is launching a three-year EuropeAid Project entitled “UNIDEV – Bridging the gap between theory and practice”, in an effort to promote education within the field of international development.

The projects aims at raising awareness among young people regarding poverty and the MDGs and actively engage in dialogue and action for the promotion of fair relations between the Global North and South. The project will provide the opportunity for NGO’s and academics to take part in summer schools based on exploring the theory and practice around the MDGs, create new teaching materials & curricula for New Member State (NMS) universities, create opportunities for field visits for NMS students and academics of Development Education to universities in sub-Saharan Africa, and overall increase the opportunities for the teaching and learning of global poverty particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, in collaboration with local universities and NGOs, UNIDEV will organise open lectures, hosting international experts on issues related to development policies and the global development agenda, as well as human rights, sustainability, and gender equality.

Through this project, public discussions will also take place, aiming at informing the general public, but also targeting decision making bodies, stressing on their crucial role in the design and implementation of development policies and the importance of Cyprus contributing to the eradication of global poverty and inequalities between developed and developing countries.

For more information please contact Louisa Hadjivassiliou  

Information provided by Sophia Arnaouti, CYINDEP

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