Friday, 19 July 2013

Challenges and Opportunities for Environmental and Development NGOs

The seminar “Unconventional Partnerships and Domestic Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities for Environmental and Development NGOs” was organised by the platform of Czech development NGOs - FoRS, together with Glopolis, the UN Information Centre Prague and Green Circle (Association of Czech Environmental NGOs) on June 25th.

The representatives of Czech NGOs, the UN and the businesses presented their views on global and national tendencies in the field of sustainable development. Sustainability and a long-term competitiveness tended to overlap. Concrete ideas and examples of working on a transformation within the Czech Republic using unconventional partnerships and methods in the field of social capital (capacity for communication with people with different opinions, openness towards something different, building and trust etc.), human resources (erudition, culture of the society, communication skills, critical thinking) and quality of the state institutions and functionality (considering that everyone is permanently interacting with the state and thus shaping it) served as a basis for further discussion. Stopping creating gaps between the global and local dimensions as well as searching for better and unconventional methods of cooperation between environmental and development NGOs, and between them and the academia and businesses were also at the heart of the debate, which is going to continue.

Contact person: Marie Zázvorková, FoRS,

Information provided by Marie Zázvorková, FoRS


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