Friday, 19 October 2012

Join skilled volunteers in Bangladesh and South Sudan

VSO and EU AID Volunteers launched an exciting new European volunteering programme aimed at engaging skilled professionals in humanitarian aid activities.

What volunteers do we need?
We need volunteers with solid experience of gender advocacy, fundraising, management, as well as health professionals and agriculture / natural resource management professionals. Volunteers will work to build the capacity of organisations and individuals to increase resilience and improve their response to crises. We have projects in Bangladesh and South Sudan and we need over 30 volunteers to work with a variety of local institutions, charities, NGOs and business, to help to provide humanitarian support and professional expertise. The last placements within this pilot project start in January and are about 3 to 24 months months long.

The project is implemented by VSO International , VSO Netherlands and Pro Vobis and is part of a series of pilot projects developed within the frame of The European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps (EVHAC). From February 2012 to April 2013, our project will select, train and deploy 40 volunteer experts from across the European Union in programmes focussed on disaster-preparedness (Bangladesh) and post-conflict recovery (South Sudan). Volunteers working under the EVHAC project will be placed directly with VSO’s partner organisations in these countries, and will be supported by VSO local offices.

The European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps (EVHAC) is an initiative developed by the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) of the European Commission and is grounded on the Treaty of Lisbon. Its overall aim is to provide international volunteer opportunities for Europeans to engage in humanitarian aid and civil protection activities around the world. The EVHAC project is sponsoring several pilot projects, which will contribute to laying the grounds for a community of European volunteers active in the field. This project is one of the pilot projects under the EVHAC scheme.

Who is VSO?
VSO is the world’s leading independent international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries. VSO believes that the greatest impact on poverty and disadvantage is through volunteers sharing skills. VSO has around 1,500 skilled volunteers working with partners in 36 countries right now.

What can you do?
Maybe you’re interested in volunteering yourself? Or maybe you know someone with the right skills who wants to volunteer? Read more about our roles here or send a friend this message.

For more information, please access VSO and ECHO or contact Andrea Demeter of Pro Vobis Romania.

Information provided by Andrea Demeter Pro Vobis Romania  |

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