Friday, 19 October 2012

Call for Submissions to new EADI Book Series on Global Development

In conjunction with Palgrave MacMillan, EADI initiated a new book series focused on publishing important contributions to the literature on both theoretical and practical development research.

The Editors of the series are Maja Bucar (Vice-Dean for Doctoral Studies and International Relations, University of Ljubljana) and Andrew Mold (Senior Economist at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Kigali, Rwanda).

Proposals should be not more than 4-5 pages long, explaining the outline of the book, and a description of its content and motivation. Authors should also include a section explaining the target audience of the book, and comparable existing publications. Acceptance of the proposal does not imply that the book will automatically be accepted by Palgrave MacMillan, as all publications will be subject a standard peer-review process. However, the endorsement of EADI will help facilitate the publication of the accepted texts, and will also enhance the dissemination of the subsequent publication through both Palgrave Macmillan and the EADI network.

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