Friday, 19 October 2012

"DEAR in times of Crisis" a dossier by DEEEP

How development educators should react to this economic crisis? This dossier intends to explore the consequences of the economic crisis on development education, with a specific focus on the cases of Spain, Greece, Italy and the UK.

Download the dosser here (pdf)
More thematic dossiers on the DEEEP website

The Working group on Quality and Impact of the DARE Forum, with the support of DEEEP has been working on a new tool "A Journey to Quality Development".

This publication will be available soon on our website, and in hard copies. The framework will help in developing ideas on:

- why quality is important to you and your work,

- the issues which should be included in considering quality,

- how you can see quality -or a lack of it
- in the work you do, and
- how you can provide evidence of the quality of your work.

A Journey to Quality Development Education is not meant to replace existing quality assessment or evaluation approaches, some of which are mentioned on the back page of this document. The process used offers stimuli for thought, debate and, we hope, new ideas that are helpful to you and your organisation in creating successful work that has lasting influence.
For more information contact Harm Jan Fricke.

Information provided by Chiara Tripepi, DEEEP

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