Friday, 19 October 2012

Development Education in the Trade Union Movement

Trade unions have been active of Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) for a long time, international solidarity being in their founding principles. But in the times of the global economic crisis and increasing interdependency, the engagement of workers and trade unions in building understanding and engagement in global development processes among the TU members as well as the wide public has never been more crucial.

In order to support DEAR in the trade union movement, TUDCN (Trade Union Development Cooperation Network) is planning a seminar on this topic. The seminar will take place on November 5-7th 2012 in Vienna, Austria. It will focus on the exchange of best practice in trade union development cooperation, partnerships with CSO and governmental partners, overview of the current European processes on DE and fundraising for DE programmes. The seminar will also discuss how to best support TUs engaged in Development Education through the work of TUDCN.

You can learn more about trade unions in DEAR in two recent TUDCN articles on this topic: Development Education and Awareness Raising in the trade union movement and Development Education and Awareness Raising: does it matter for trade unions?

For more information about DEAR activities in TUDCN and the upcoming seminar contact Kasia Szeniawska, ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation):

Information provided by Kasia Szeniawska- ITUC

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