Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Programme of the Czech NGDO platform for the EU presidency 2009

In the first half of 2009, the Czech Republic is the second country from the 12 new member states to hold the EU presidency. During that period, the international scene will see crucial follow-ups of the 2008 revision of the Paris Declaration and the implementation of the Monterrey Consensus. Moreover June 2009 will feature the European parliamentary elections.

The Czech development NGO platform FoRS took up the challenge of the ongoing processes by choosing the hot topic of the development effectiveness of civil society organisations (CSOs) as the primary theme for actions during the Czech EU presidency. In June 2008, the Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness was launched as a global civil society self-driven process. CSOs from around the world have acknowledged their obligation to take forward and lead a process to improve their own effectiveness as development actors. The global effectiveness framework for CSOs is to be proposed by late 2012. The FoRS presidency programme was designed to engage the Czech NGDO constituency to contribute to the global process through reflecting on its own development experience gained during the implementation of Czech development projects.

The second thematic priority of FoRS is good governance. FoRS would like to bring together two dimensions: "good governance and development" and "pro-democracy and the political dimension". Other selected topics include development education, sustainable technologies for sustainable development, migration and development, and agriculture and food security.

Reserve the dates of the two international conferences planned during the FoRS presidency programme in your diaries:
  • May 28-29, 2009: International Conference on Development Education
  • June 23-24, 2009: International Conference on CSO Development Effectiveness
Find more information on the Presidency Programme of FoRS, the priorities and events, at: http://www.trialog.or.at/images/doku/fors_cz_pres_programme_eng.pdf
For further information, please contact Marie Zazvorkova: presidency@fors.cz

Information provided by Jana Krczmářová, Director, FoRS Secretariat

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