Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Romanian platform FOND registered and online

Information provided by Claudia Iatan, FOND

On March 23 the process of legal registration of the Romanian NGDO platform FOND, initiated in October last year, was completed. The first General Assembly of FOND took place on March 29 in Bucharest. Three working groups got official recognition by the General Assembly: WG Development Education, WG Moldova-Georgia, WG MFA Roundtable. On this occasion the new Director of the Development Assistance Unit within the Romanian MFA, Mr. Cosmin Dobran, reaffirmed the Government’s openness towards cooperation with FOND.

FOND’s WG Moldova-Georgia and several member organizations will organize two seminars dedicated to building knowledge and making contacts with civil society organizations in Georgia (22 May, Bucharest) and Moldova (27-28 June, Iasi). The seminars aim to allow for sharing experiences in working on the field with other organizations from EU member states and local donors.

FOND’s WG MFA Roundtable aims to follow closely the latest developments leading to the establishment of a national mechanism of financing for development cooperation projects as well as to the budgetary revision for the enactment of the budget line for development cooperation in July 2007.

FOND’s WG Development Education decided to organize a training session on Awareness Raising and Advocacy Skills for Development EducationProgrammes on 27 - 28 September, in Cluj-Napoca, with support from DEEEP.

Starting with April 16, the Romanian platform FOND has a new coordinator (with financial support from TRIALOG). Her name is Claudia Iatan, she holds a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies from Padua University, Italy, worked as a journalist for a few years and was involved in projects of Development Education in Italy.

In June the platform established its own website – the new platform blog is online on http://www.fondromania.wordpress.com/. It is mostly in Romanian, but basic information on the platform and its activities is available also in English. For more details please email Claudia Iatan at claudia.iatan@fond-romania.ro

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