Wednesday, 27 June 2007

New member state representative in new CONCORD board

Information provided by Christine Bedoya, TRIALOG Director

During the recent CONCORD General Assembly which took place in Brussels on June 7-8, the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development elected four new board members. All active CONCORD members had the possibility to nominate candidates for these positions. After a period without a board member from the new EU member states, now again the CONCORD board is "enlarged" and enriched by a person coming from a new member state: We congratulate Annamaria Kekesi, President of the Hungarian Platform HAND and Director of the Hungarian NGO Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights (DEMNET), who was elected into the CONCORD board. CONCORD has become an important name in Europe in the world of development. With an increasing political reputation and impact on European development policies, these are exciting times for CONCORD. An effective and active Board to govern CONCORD's activities and to represent CONCORD at the most senior levels contributes to the continued strengthening of the quality and impact of the confederation’s actions.

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