Saturday, 23 June 2007

High participation in the final RPP Call for Proposals

Information provided by Josefa Molitor-Ruckenbauer; Regional Partnership Programme (RPP)

On May 10 the Project Appraisal Committee met to decide upon the financing of the 37 received proposals for projects in the field of development awareness and cooperation within the final call of the Regional Partnership Programme (RPP; It has been the RPP call with the highest participation – only from Hungarian NGOs 15 proposals have been sent. On the whole 21 projects have been approved and 16 have been refused.

The development cooperation activities which will be funded reach geographically from Moldowa, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan to Ghana. The approved projects foresee measures for the protection of environment and resources, capacity building for local organisations as well as rural and community development.

The approved development education and awareness raising projects aim at promoting fair trade consumption, at sensitizing for global issues, at networking and exchanging experience as well as at establishing a pool of resources and material on development education topics. The main target groups of the selected proposals are youth, pupils, teachers as well as other multipliers in development education.

Like in the previous RPP calls, all proposals include a partnership between NGOs of the New Member States (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Slovenia) and an Austrian organisations and contribute to the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). The project funds come from the Austrian Development Cooperation (70%), the Ministries of the participating new member states (20%) and own resources from the NGOs (10%). The approved projects can presumably get started in the beginning of July or August 2007.

Find the lists of the approved projects at the following links:
Development Awareness Projects:
Development Cooperation Projects:
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