Saturday, 23 June 2007

New vision for the Maltese NGDO Platform

Information provided by Roberta Micallef, Maltese NGDO platform

The Maltese NGDO Platform was set up in June 2000 on the initiative of Kopin (Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali – Malta), after a need was felt to bring together all NGOs operating in the development sector, to work together on a common front. The Maltese NGDO Platform consists of Maltese Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) involved in development and relief overseas and/or in the provision of development education.

In the beginning of May the Platform had an annual general meeting and a new board was elected. The board consists of 4 people with Vince Caruana as chairman. This new board has a mandate of two years where besides sustaining the work done so far it will be working towards improving better visibility locally. Its strategic plan has amongst other aims to exert more pressure on the MFA (Foreign Affairs Ministry) to demand more transparency with regards to the management of the Overseas Development Aid; to promote effective engagement in advocacy and campaigning; to strengthen its human resources and to increase its current membership and to ensure sustainability of the platform.

For further information contact platform coordinator Roberta Micallef at or have a look at

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