Thursday, 26 March 2015

Workshop on Systemic Change for Czech NGOs

The Czech national platform FoRS organised a one-day workshop on the concept of systemic change for its members, especially those working in development education and awareness raising (DEAR) area.

The workshop was led by trainers from a Georgian NGO Civil Society Institute and took place in mid-March in Prague in the framework of a DEEEP grant. The goal of the event was to generate awareness of the different perspectives of system actors, the complexity of a system and how it can be mapped. The trainers used tools of the Springfield Center Making Markets Work for the Poor Approach such as the M4P lens and strategic framework.
The participants had thus an opportunity to become more sensitive about their own influence and potential, as well as to identify that systemic change and participatory approaches are essential for sustainable development and that this ‘new’ systemic thinking can be translated and applied in every civil society organisations sector and intervention. They could also learn to translate this approach into project design and implementation.

The participants finally discussed a practical use of the approach of systemic change during a follow-up meeting of FoRS DEAR working group and plan to organise an advocacy seminar, also with the suppport of a DEEEP grant, where systemic change would have an important place.

Contact person: Adéla Stiborová (

Information provided by Marie Zázvorková, FoRS Liaison Officer

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