Thursday, 26 March 2015

Organisation of the Month: People For Change, Malta

The People for Change Foundation (PfC) was created in 2007 and has since been working in the field of migration, integration, anti-racism and human trafficking in the European Union, in addition with on-the-ground legal and policy research in Malta. Guided by its vision of a just, fair and inclusive society, PfC promotes and works on the basis of a multilateral process of bringing together different actors and stakeholders, methods, and approaches - activism and research; policy and practice. In so doing it aims to foster an inclusive process that allows different groups and interests to come together to create a cohesive and understanding society.

In recent months, PfC has worked on a series of projects and research initiatives with various European and International organisations, including ASSESS: Integration of Vulnerable Migrant Groups, which looks at the monitoring of integration of vulnerable migrant groups – women, children and trafficked person, and separated children in Europe. Best practice was a study on the durable solutions for unaccompanied children in Malta.

In addition to these projects which have a comparative and transnational focus, PfC has implemented a number of national projects in Malta, including the publication of the second annual Malta Human Rights Report and the launching of the Malta Human Rights Library, the largest and most comprehensive repository of human rights documentation in Malta. At the end of 2014 PfC also launched “Report Racism Malta” to address the under-reporting of discriminatory incidents by creating an easy-to-use mechanism for communicating incidents of racial discrimination. “Report Racism Malta” provides a confidential, independent and safe avenue for reporting incidents to individual victims and witnesses of discrimination and racism, and offers guidance and support in cases that may be taken forward and remedies accessed.

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Information provided by Paola Prinzis, SKOP

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