Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Degrowth Alternative and Debating the Alternative

Giorgos Kallis, a prominent scholar on ‘degrowth’, recently wrote an essay that was the subject of debate among members of the Great Transition Initiative network. Rajesh Makwana, in a blog post on the website of Share The World’s Resources (STWR), responded to the following theme of discussion: is degrowth, as currently formulated, sufficiently rigorous and inclusive to offer the theoretical legitimacy and political unity for a system shift? He goes on to suggest that “as a popular framing that can mobilize a global citizens movement or enable system change on the scale needed, degrowth is limited. Apart from concerns around what might (paradoxically) still need to grow in a degrowth society, which might even include GDP, a key concern is its negative and unappealing framing.”

Read more on his recommendations for reframing the discussion here and Giorgos Kallis’s excellent article here.

Source: Share The World’s Resources

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