Thursday, 26 February 2015

Advocacy News from the Slovenian Development NGO Platform SLOGA

Slovenian civil society is actively engaged in a policy dialogue on development cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec recently met with the board of the development NGO platform SLOGA to discuss joint awareness raising efforts. SLOGA addressed future challenges regarding Slovenia’s ODA obligations, the Declaration on Foreign Policy, as well as the current European Commission (EC) trend to support bigger projects and endangers the access to project funding of smaller NGOs.

Slovenian Foreign Minister highlighted key role of NGOs in awareness-raising on development cooperation
On February 4, SLOGA Board members met with Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Karl Erjavec. They discussed about joint efforts in awareness-raising activities about international development cooperation, the importance of financing development and humanitarian projects, implemented by NGOs, and common challenges.
Initially the minister stressed the excellent cooperation between the Ministry and SLOGA platform. He thanked SLOGA for co-organising the Slovenian Development Days and highlighted the key role of NGOs in awareness-raising about development cooperation among Slovenian citizens, also through global education. Slovenia will aim at fulfilling its obligations in the providing development assistance.
SLOGA presented key open issues and future challenges. The platform believes NGOs should be greatly involved in the preparation of strategic documents – not only at national, but also at global level. SLOGA called upon Slovenia’s Government to increase bilateral Official Development Assistance. Slovenia should also address the role of the private sector in development and strive for development assistance reform.
The platform also drew attention to the European Commission decision to finance only big projects which has immense negative effects on Slovenian Development NGOs. The Minister welcomed SLOGA’s efforts in coordinating with other European Platforms and will support the initiative of CSOs. Joint efforts of the MFA and SLOGA in the European Year for Development 2015 will result in greater awareness among Slovenian citizens on the importance of global solidarity.

SLOGA’s position on the draft Declaration on the Foreign Policy of the Republic of Slovenia SLOGA prepared a position on the draft Declaration on the Foreign Policy of the Republic of Slovenia which is the key strategic document and is currently debated in Slovenian Parliament. SLOGA Platform participated in public debate on the draft Declaration and sent its position to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the position, SLOGA called upon greater policy coherence for development and stressed the importance of strengthening the position of international development and humanitarian cooperation at strategic level and the role of NGOs in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating effectiveness of country’s foreign policy activities.

Information provided by Adriana Aralica, SLOGA

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