Thursday, 26 February 2015

Be a Global Citizen! Be a Global Educator!

A.R.T. Fusion Association from Romania created “You are Part of This World, Be Part of Its Future” project in the context of the huge need in the world for a positive change. At the root of this initiative was a genuine and growing concern for how the world is at the moment and the uncertainty of its wellbeing and future. To bring along sustainable changes we need more global citizens and for this to happen competent global educators are needed, especially among young people and youth workers. The ambition that existed at the base of this project was to include on equal term partners from North and South of the world. When we explore global connections, dependencies and responsibilities we need to be as global as possible for a meaningful and powerful discussion, and for a long term impact. The main goal of this project was to increase the capacity of 6 youth organizations from Ghana, Estonia, Nigeria, Romania, Sierra Leone and UK to raise the level of global citizenship competencies in their communities.

The main project results included:
  • A network of strong and competent organizations active in global education field in Africa and Europe; 
  • A manual representing a tool that could be used by any person interested to work in Global Education area. Available for free download here
  • More than 900 participants (fresh global citizens) at the workshops delivered during the project; 
  • A resource movie based on the project development and experience (available online); 
  • 6120 indirect beneficiaries and still counting; 
 A substantial contribution to a critical mass of global citizens needed in this world!

For any questions, comments or suggestions contact Andreea-Loredana Tudorache ( *This 1 year project (2013-2014) was financially supported by European Commission through Youth in Action program (Action 3.2)

Information provided by A.R.T. Fusion

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