Thursday, 18 December 2014

CYINDEP Collaboration with the MFA and MoEC for EYD15

The European Parliament and the Council of the EU decided to designate the year 2015 as the ‘European Year of Development’. On this occasion, CYINDEP has collaborated with both the MFA and The Ministry of Education and Culture on drafting the application for EYD2015 National Work Programme.
Several meetings where held with representatives of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the MFA and CYINDEP Board in order to compile the application with realistic goals based on a series of cultural events, lectures, workshops and other awareness-raising events throughout 2015.

The application proposes a documentary festival which will feature documentaries on global issues such as sustainable development, food security, trade, poverty, women and girls. As part of this event, there will also be a film competition in public and private schools where students will be called to produce short films concerning development and the role of the EU as a global actor in development debate. The winners enrolled in upper secondary education will receive as prize an educational trip to Brussels where they will visit EU institutions and lower secondary and primary education students will receive laptops and projectors for their schools.
Other activities include: four high-profile public lectures at different universities across Cyprus where there will be one guest speaker for each lecture; a young journalists competition where participants will be called to write articles around six areas related to international development. The best articles will be also awarded and published in local press. Thus, by drafting and proposing a series of activities for EY15, CYINDEP will have the role of the National Beneficiary, and its role will become really important among CSOs around the island. Also, through its communication with national stakeholders, CYINDEP will gain credibility and recognition amongst key figures of development.

For more information, please contact Demetra Hadjiyiannis.

Information provided by Demetra Hadjiyiannis, CYINDEP

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