Friday, 31 October 2014

Global Campus Summer School & Interactive Activities on Global Social Justice in Malta

In 2014, KOPIN started this academic year’s continuation of the Global Campus project with the project’s first Summer School on Development issues in Malta, as part of the ‘Educate’ component, in the form of a three-day intensive course - from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th September.

The Course began with an introductory session held on Campus on Development by University Professor and Development Education expert Colm Regan, while on Saturday 13th, Ms Marcelle Bugre from the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants facilitated the discussion on migration and development at the Marsa Open Centre - the biggest residential centre for male refugees and asylum seekers in Malta - where students heard the stories of migrants residents participating and gained a better perception of the reasons why people migrate.
Finally, on Sunday 14th, with KOPIN member and Environmental expert Irene Mangion as facilitator, the students attended the last session on Sustainable Development the Xrobb l-Għaġin Nature Park and Sustainable Development Centre to learn about Malta’s biodiversity as well as the initiatives and projects behind it and the impact of Sustainable Development measures around the World in terms of Human Rights as well.

During the six days of the Freshers’ Week held at University of Malta between 1st and 8th October, KOPIN interns and student volunteers facilitated three activities as part of the ‘Inspire’ component of the Global Campus Project. The activities focused on development, migration and fair trade issues as a way to creatively inform students about what is happening at the national level and abroad, bringing into light the need for development education in Malta. The stand itself harbored information about additional projects KOPIN has participated in, as well as the Global Campus project, the Video Competition open to students and the upcoming DegreePlus Course starting in late October. Students were also given the chance to sign up to receive more information on the various issues presented as well as participating in the petition regarding the demand to the University decision-makers to offer students more opportunities to learn about social justice and development issues.

Overall, the feedback of the student to the activities and to the information provided was positive, as the majority stated that the activities were informative, and these increased the interest in Global Social Justice issues.

For more information about KOPIN or the Global Campus project, visit KOPIN’s website or Global Campus website, or contact the organisation via email at

Photo credits: KOPIN; stand of the Global Campus project at the University of Malta.

Information provided by Maria Di Domenico and Morri Sands, KOPIN

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