Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Strategic Meeting on Gender Equality in Belarus

KARAT finalised the project “Advancing gender equality in Belarus” which focused on developing an effective draft law on gender equality and lobbying strategy through the dissemination of expertise and utilisation of Polish and Croatian experiences in these areas.

The project’s main activity was a strategic meeting „Towards effective gender equality legislation in Belarus – analysis and recommendations” for eight Belarusian women’s rights experts which took place in April 2014 in Warsaw, Poland. The outcome of the meeting was a set of recommendations from the Croatian, German and Polish experts on how to improve the draft so it meets the international standards to greater extent.

The experts’ presentations and discussions that took place during the meeting have been summarised in the report developed by KARAT. It serves as a tool supporting the Belarusian experts’ work on legislation and advocacy for gender equality in Belarus.

The project was conducted in cooperation with the Belarusian partner organization Public Association “Women’s Independent Democratic Movement” (PA “WIDM”)” and supported by the Dutch Embassy in Poland.

The report from the strategic meeting is available in English and in Russian.

More about the project at the KARAT website.

Source: KARAT News No.87 (04) 2014

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