Wednesday, 23 July 2014

News from the Slovak NGDO Platform

In May and June 2014, the Slovak NGDO Platform organised two events to support capacity building of its member organisations.

On 28th May, the platform invited Magda Vaculciakova, a freelance journalist to give a workshop on “Cooperation of NGDOs with media”. The participants had the opportunity to learn how to approach media to make the topics of development cooperation interesting for journalists, as well as how to write good texts to attract media. They also analyzed the most frequent mistakes they can do in communication with media.
The followed discussion focused on a toolkit for media and NDGOs that the Platform started to prepare on PCD topics (agriculture, migration, decent
work, climate change, etc.) which includes also practical tips such as to use simple and clear language for to make the topics attractive and easy understandable for the target group.

The workshop was organised as a part of the EU-funded TRIALOG project.

On 27th June, the Platform organised a workshop and seminar on “How to put PCD into practice in the Slovak context”. The programme started with presentations of PCD case studies: “Slovak Case” by Edita Bednárová from People in Peril Association and the “Belgian Case” by Oumou Zé from CNCD- 11.11.11. Ms Oumou Zé explained the institutional mechanisms how to put PCD into practice on the example from Belgium and shared CNCD-11.11.11´s advocacy in general and for PCD in particular.
Then the participants divided into groups to develop a genuine PCD strategy for Slovakia. In the focus of the advocacy planning was the topic right to food: land grabbing, bio fuels, food speculations - sharing experience of the campaign of CNCD- 11.11.11 – was especially useful for the Slovakian participants.

The event was organised as a part of the project World Wise Europe - A more coherent Europe for a fairer World financed by the European Commission and co-financed by SlovakAid.

Photo: Participants during the PCD workshop; Archive of the Slovak NGDO Platform.

Information provided by Dagmar Mekinova, Slovak NGDO Platform

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