Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Organisation of the Month: Védegylet – Protect the Future

Védegylet – Protect the Future – is a Hungarian non-governmental organisation founded in 2000, focused on local to global eco-political issues. Since 2012 Védegylet's „Small Communities in Transition” program brings together active local communities to build their resilience, providing practical support on developing local food, low-tech energy and green community economics. The organisation supports the development of „Transition Communities” in Hungary. For almost 15 years its „Future Generations” program provides legal support to communities protecting city green areas, rivers and lakes against unwanted development.

As a partner in projects supported by European Commission, Védegylet has taken a locally leading role working on policy coherence and international development over the last decade, complementing this work with a wide-ranging global education program.

The four main pillars of its work are:
- Global interdependence is a key focus in the work and one of Védegylet most successful long-term activities is promoting fair trade in Hungary.
- Climate change is an environmental and global justice issue - the NGO's photo exhibition on climate justice is available to schools, communities, universities and other organisations. Védegylet raises awareness with documentaries shot during study visits to the Global South, as well as inviting human rights activists from most effected countries to public events.
- Members of Védegylet lobby on policy with their partner networks, introducing policy alternatives at national and European level.
- Public awareness raising and information through the organisation’s website and social media profiles.

Védegylet is a member of the Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid - HAND, the Global Education Week network of the North-South Centre, Seattle to Brussels Network, Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance, and European Citizens Initiative.

For further information visit the organisation’s website, or get in touch by sending an e-mail to

Photo credits: Evaluation of the Small Communities in Transition project meeting, Védegylet 

Information provided by Györgyi Újszászi, HAND

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