Thursday, 20 February 2014

After the EU Presidency: Lithuanian NGOs Continue Raising Awareness on Development Cooperation

When the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council was transferred to the government of Greece on the 1st of January 2014, the Presidency related activities initiated by the Lithuanian Umbrella (LU) are still going beyond the date.

Lithuanian AidWatch report 
The first Lithuanian Aidwatch report for the years of 2012 and 2013 is in process of launching by the expert group of LU member LITDEA. The report is going to provide the analysis of Lithuanian ODA effectiveness focusing on four main themes:
• awareness raising and development education;
• promotion of the democracy;
• equal rights;
• sharing the transition experience.

The report will be published in English and Lithuanian in March 2014.

Private sector involvement and cooperation with the municipalities 
The other package of activities is aimed to reveal the contribution of public and private sector in transferring Lithuanian transition experience, raise the awareness of the national authorities and speed up the ongoing processes of the development of national law on Development Cooperation.

For this matter a research on the involvement of private and public sector into the activities of Development Cooperation and Developing Education in developing countries is being conducted. External experts made the analysis of the strategic papers and surveyed a number of representatives of private businesses and at local authorities. The analysis will be published at the end of February 2014.

In the upcoming month LITDEA is starting a series of 20 round table discussions with local authorities, private sector, NGOs and civil society in various regions of Lithuania in order to discuss the results of the research, draw recommendations and promote new partnerships for development, policy coherence for development.

International NGDO Forum/ 10th Anniversary of Lithuanian Development Cooperation 
This year Lithuania is celebrating the first decade anniversary of being a EU member state what is a great inspiration in framing the theme of the NGDO forum which will be held in Vilnius in April 2014. A number of NGOs from Lithuania and partner countries will be welcomed to discuss the Lithuanian Development progress achieved in the period of ten years and challenges to face together with the representatives of European Commission, European Parliament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Local authorities and private sector.

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Information provided by Agne Baleisyte, LITDEA Partnership and Communication Officer

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